Safety Instrumented Systems and Ultra-Low NOx Burners

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Project Safety Instrumented Systems & Ultra-Low NOx Burners
Location US Gulf Coast
Scope Of Work Safety Systems Standard Development, Process Design, Fired Heater Design and Operations Support, Detailed Design Follow-up, Operating Procedure Development & Operator Training, Start-up and Initial Operations Support
Project Summary A refining client has contracted Norton Engineering to develop site specific standards for safety instrumented systems for fired heaters and to develop and support projects for more than 10 heaters to date. In parallel with the SIS projects Norton Engineering also executed projects to install ultra-low NOx burners in five of the refinery’s heaters.

Project Detail

Safety Instrumented Systems & Ultra-Low NOx Burners

Project Details

Chief tasks executed for the SIS projects include:

  1. Develop site specific standards for fired heater SIS systems and obtain site operations and technical support department’s approval of these standards.
  2. Develop FEL-1 and FEL-2 basis and design packages for implementation of SIS projects on over 10 heaters. FEL-2 design included detailed logic for SIS system operation. Developed project support documentation for client’s approval process. Obtained the approval of operations, technical and refinery management for project.
  3. Provided fired heater, instrumentation and control, and process support to Jacobs Engineering during detailed design phase of each project.
  4. Updated existing fired heater start-up, shutdown, normal and emergency operating procedures. Completed management of change documentation for the new facilities and obtained approvals of same.
  5. Evaluated transient heater fire-side conditions to determine the minimum acceptable response times for the SIS system to an unsafe condition.
  6. Developed operator training materials and provided on-site training to all operators.
  7. Provided technical support during start-up.

Chief tasks executed for burner replacement projects included:

  1. Assessment of heater performance and sizing of new ultra-low NOx burners.
  2. Development of specifications for new burners, and mechanical details for heater floor replacement/modification to accommodate the new burners.
  3. In one case, worked with Callidus to modify a ULNB offering to allow for on-stream burner replacement, including new tile. Also worked with the client and the maintenance staff to develop and execute a safe burner replacement procedure. This work allowed the client to continue operation of an HF alkylation unit until a scheduled shutdown approximately 6-8 months after the burner replacement which allowed them to continue to meet commitments then made in their EPA consent agreement.
  4. Provided fired heater specialist support during detailed design executed by Jacobs Engineering.
  5. Updated existing operating procedures and trained operators.
  6. Witnessed burner tests on behalf of client.
  7. Provided fired heater/burner specialist support during burner change-out and start-up of new burners.

Norton Engineering’s work was successfully concluded on 10+ projects for this client. The client is pleased with the work and continues to show their trust in our abilities by asking us to continue working on both SIS and ULNB conversion projects for them and undertaking other troubleshooting and optimization work in the refinery. They have also recommended us to several of their affiliated refineries for whom we have also successfully completed projects (FCCU Regenerator O/H, FCCU emissions control, CO Boiler Upgrades, etc.)

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