Butyl Rubber Project

NEC Past Project
Project Butyl Rubber Project
Location US
Scope Of Work Process Development, Planning, Process Design
Project Summary A long time petrochemical client contracted Norton Engineering to assist with planning grass roots Poly-isobutylene Projects based on the client’s proprietary technology in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Norton Engineering personnel worked as part of the client’s team during development of the FEL-2 and FEL-3 design packages.

Project Detail

Butyl Rubber Project

Project Details

Chief tasks of the design teams:

  1. Development of process improvements in the slurry liquid recovery and purification section
  2. Incorporation of proprietary reactor internals upgrades in the design
  3. Assessment of direct devolatilization strategies to replace conventional stripping and drying operations
  4. Development of design heat & material balances Norton’s engineers have successfully redesigned the slurry liquid recovery and purification section reducing energy consumption and improving the quality of the liquid returned to the reaction section. The changes did not adversely affect the investment cost of this section of the plant.

The client wished to incorporate recent experience they had gained from fabrication and operation of a reactor using enhanced heat transfer surface technology, which was designed by Engineering for this client previously. Several changes were made to the previous reactor design to facilitate manufacture and reduce cost without sacrificing performance.

Several direct devolatilization strategies, used in the manufacture of other like polymers were assessed. The length of the development cycle for direct devolatilization technology for this application was too long for it to be included in these projects. Incentives identified in the initial technology assessment are promising and the client is considering development of this technology in the future.

Norton Engineering developed final design heat and material balances (PROII) for the client’s use during process and detailed design of the facilities. During the development of the process models several inconsistencies were identified and resolved in the polymer thermodynamic data base by Norton’s engineers.

Norton Engineering’s work was successfully concluded on both projects and the client has come back to us requesting assistance in design optimization for several components of these plants.

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