NEC Areas of Expertise


NEC Midstream Expertise

Gas processing experience

Norton Engineering specializes in providing innovative, practical, and cost effective engineering solutions to clients in the energy business including the midstream and downstream sectors. . Consistently exceeding our client’s expectations and maintaining a focus on helping our customers achieve their goals has led Norton Engineering to a stellar reputation and excellent long term relationships.

Our team is comprised of experienced, former industry engineers who have the unique ability to appreciate and comprehend the owner’s perspective. For clients in the midstream industry, we can perform services on projects ranging from small plant modifications to grass roots process additions and revamps.

NEC Midstream engineering expertise includes:

Engineering Services for the Midstream Industry

  • Project Basis Development
  • Technology Development and Evaluation
  • Process Engineering and Design/FEED
  • FEL and Detail Engineering
  • Optimization & Troubleshooting
  • Systems Integration
  • Equipment  Specification and Design
  • Environmental Systems Design & Permitting
  • Plant Expansion and Debottlenecking Studies
  • Product and Process Improvement
  • Operations & HAZOP Reviews
  • Process Unit Vulnerability Analyses
  • Operational Risk Assessments

Unit Operations Midstream & Gas Processing

  • NGL Separation and Recovery
  • Product Fractionation and Splitting
  • Amine Systems (DEA/MDEA/GEA)
  • Glycol Dehydration
  • Gas Treatment and Separation
  • Gas Compression
  • Water Recovery
  • Water Treatment and Recycle
  • Solvent Recovery
  • Merox/Caustic Treating
  • Hydrocarbon & Water Slurry
  • Dewatering & Drying  Storage Tanks
  • Refrigeration Systems  Flare Systems

Technical & Project Support

  • Heat Transfer and Combustion Engineering
  • Fluid Solid Systems
  • Cost & Scheduling
  • Process Safety Management
  • Safety System

Utilities, Environmental, Miscellaneous

  • Electrical, steam, water and gas utilities
  • Energy conservation studies & design
  • Environmental control systems: design, construction management, operations, troubleshooting and compliance
  • Industrial water & wastewater treatment
  • Safety Instrumentation Systems (SIS)
  • Power and CO Boilers
  • Air pollution control systems including scrubbing, combustion/thermal destruction, ESPs, fabric filtration, flue gas desulfurization, absorption, adsorption, refrigeration.
  • RFP Preparations/Proposal Evaluations for
    • Consultant/Contractor Oversight
    • Operator & Technical/Process Training