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Crude Units

NEC Crude Units Expertise

Experienced with all aspects of the distillation process

Norton Engineering Consultants, Inc. has broad and thorough experience in atmospheric and vacuum distillation of light/heavy, sweet/sour and LTO crudes. Whether it’s assisting in transitioning between different crude types to optimizing your distillation processes, NEC can help debottleneck your unit, improve product quality, address corrosion and coking issues, and provide process designs for revamps and crude run changes.

NEC also has Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with extensive crude heater experience who have demonstrated track records in achieving increased run time and reliability while resolving coking/fouling issues that shorten run lengths and compromise reliability. NEC can help your crude units run longer and more efficiently to maximize unit profitability.

NEC Crude Units expertise includes:

Atmospheric Distillation

  • Screening Studies for crude unit expansions and crude run changes
  • Process designs for grass roots and revamped crude units
  • Crude unit troubleshooting and startup support
  • Improved heater operations for run length extension
  • Heater modifications for reduced coking, expansion, etc

Vacuum Distillation

  • Screening Studies for vacuum unit expansions
  • Process designs for grass roots and revamped vacuum units
  • Vacuum unit troubleshooting and startup
  • Vacuum heater evaluations and upgrades