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Areas of Expertise

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Unique expertise in both Sulfuric and HF Alkylation Units, to improve quality and safety.  Read more…


From unconventional fuels to modern safety systems, NEC has done it all. Read more…

Crude/Vacuum Units

NEC is experienced with all aspects of the distillation process. Read more..

Emission Controls

Helping you meet your environmental limits and make the world a cleaner place Read more…


Get all the hydrogen you need at the lowest cost possible. Read more…


Gas processing expertise. Read more…


Improved yields and lower operating costs. Read more…

Project Development

Avoid costly project oversights, operational headaches and mistakes. Read more…

Synthetic Rubber

We have unique qualifications for specialized polymer manufacturing. Read more…

Venturi Scrubbing

Our team has the expertise to design a new flue gas scrubber, or troubleshoot your existing scrubber Read more…

We can provide innovative solutions for all your needs.


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Founded in 1993, Norton Engineering Consultants, Inc has grown through the addition of highly…


Our mission is to provide our clients with safe, reliable, and economical solutions to the most challenging problems…


Chris Steves, President of Norton Engineering Consultants, Inc,  has extensive experience in…


Norton Engineering is a growing front-end engineering company with three locations located in…

Past Projects

FCC CO Boiler Reconditioning, Saves Client $150,000,000

Norton Engineering identified several low cost upgrades for a client increase the flue gas side design pressure of the existing CO boilers and further recommended a change in scrubber  technology to reduce boiler back pressure.

Safety Instrumented Systems and Ultra-Low NOx Burners

A refining client contracted Norton Engineering to develop site specific standards for safety instrumented systems for fired heaters and to develop and support projects for more than ten heaters to date.

Refinery Boilers NOx Reduction

A refining client faced potential large capital expenses and rising operational and maintenance costs. The client retained Norton Engineering to screen low cost options and engineer solutions to meet NOx emission targets.

Butyl Rubber Project

A long time petrochemical client contracted Norton Engineering to assist with planning grass roots Poly-isobutylene Projects based on the client’s proprietary technology in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Sulfuric Acid Alkylation Reactor Upgrade

Norton Engineering reviewed the operation of the client’s Kellogg® Sulfuric Acid Alkylation unit and proposed and evaluated upgrades to decrease operating costs by reducing acid consumption and reducing sulfur levels.

Sulfuric Acid Alkylation Performance Improvement

Norton Engineering conducted an engineering evaluation of the current reactor and mixers and made recommendations for improvements that could be implemented so the mixing performance and alkylate quality could be improved.