NEC Areas of Expertise


Petrochemicals Expertise

Improved yields and lower operating costs.

Consuming too much energy? Operating unreliably? Wasting valuable products? Norton Engineering Consultants, Inc. can help improve your Petrochemical plant operations. Norton Engineering specializes in providing innovative, and practical solutions to the, petrochemical, chemical and refining industries.

We pride ourselves on our ability to help our customers achieve their goals of manufacturing high quality products at minimum cost while conserving energy, reducing emissions, recovering valuable by-products and running reliably. Our staff consists of experienced, former manufacturing sector engineers with “hands on” experience with the foresight to appreciate and comprehend your perspective.

For global clients, we have performed multi-discipline engineering services on projects ranging from small plant modifications and studies, to large grass roots plants, plant additions and revamps.

NEC Petrochemicals expertise includes:

Services for the Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

  • Technology Development
  • 3rd Party Technology Evaluation
  • Plant Expansion and Debottlenecking Studies
  • Design Basis Development
  • Process Engineering and Design/FEED
  • Energy Optimization  Product Recovery
  • Vessel Design
  • Environmental Systems Design
  • Product and Process Improvement
  • Operations & HAZOP Reviews
  • Conceptual and Feasibility Engineering

Unit Operations Chemicals and Polymers

  • Solution Polymerization (EP & EPDM, SBR)
  • Synthetic Rubbers/Butyl Rubber
  • Slurry Polymerization
  • Feed Purification & Treatment
  • Batch & Continuous Reactors
  • Extrusion Reactors
  • Solvent Replacement
  • Batch & Continuous Polymer Dissolving
  • Solvent Recovery & Purification
  • Hydrocarbon & Water Slurry Systems
  • Polymer Dewatering & Drying
  • Direct Polymer Devolatilization
  • Pelletization
  • Material Handling and Conveying
  • Solid and Liquid Product Packaging
  • Blending and Storage

Technical & Project Support

  • Heat Transfer and Combustion Engineering
  • Fluid Solid Systems
  • Estimating
  • Cost & Scheduling
  • Process Safety Management

Utilities, Environmental, Miscellaneous

  • Electrical, steam, water and gas supplies
  • Energy conservation studies & design
  • Environmental control systems
  • Solvent and product recovery systems
  • Utilities for energy conservation, Co-Generation, gas/oil supply, water supply and steam supply
  • Power and CO Boilers
  • Air pollution control systems including scrubbing, combustion/thermal destruction, ESPs, fabric filtration, flue gas desulfurization, absorption, adsorption, refrigerated condensers
  • Waste solvent recovery, recycling and reuse
  • Refrigeration Systems
  • Industrial water & wastewater treatment
  • Product Blending/Loading/Offloading
  • Safety Instrumentation Systems (SIS)
  • Consultant/Contractor Oversight