Hydrogen Generation & Purification

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Hydrogen Generation & Purification

Hydrogen Generation & Purification Expertise

Meet your hydrogen needs at the lowest possible cost

If you are considering a new or revamping an existing hydrogen generation / purification plant installation, consider hiring Norton Engineering Consultants Inc. for a full range of engineering services. Our team has been designing, troubleshooting, retrofitting and optimizing hydrogen systems for over 30 years and we will reduce your operational risk, optimize performance and improve plant reliability.

Unlike equipment manufacturers who want to sell equipment, we are an independent engineering company providing our clients with unbiased, technically sound, and operationally focused recommendations. We are focused on helping our clients achieve operational excellence…..and find customized solutions that meet your plant’s needs at the lowest possible cost.

NEC Hydrogen Generation & Purification expertise includes:

  • Process Studies/Evaluations
  • Project Development, Process Design
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Project Follow-Up, Start-Up, Commissioning
  • Operator Training
  • “Grass-Roots” & Revamp Project Development
  • Operations Evaluation & Benchmarking
  • Catalyst Vendor and Equipment Selection
  • Pre-Turnaround Planning & Turnaround Inspections
  • Performance “Drop-Off” Asses
  • Compliance Test Failure / Emissions Exceedance
  • Performance Improvement / Upgrade
  • Testing Protocols and Interpretation
  • Process Unit Mod
  • PSA Valve Troubleshooting and Tuning
  • PSA Adsorbent and Cycle Evaluation
  • Assistance with PSA Automation
  • Hydrogen Management and Optimization
  • Hydrotreater/Hydrocracker Unit Optimization
  • ULSD Tier III consulting and project development
  • Cost Estimating and Project Justification